Car Rental Insurance with Hiccup


Founded by car rental industry professionals, Hiccup Insurance is passionate about providing car rental customers with simple to use and easy to understand insurance cover for peace of mind when hiring a rental car.

After investigating many options around the world, Hiccup Insurance chose to partner with global provider of travel insurance and assistance services, Allianz Global Assistance, to offer car rental insurance to customers travelling within Australia.

The product, Rental Vehicle Excess (RVE) insurance, provides cover for the rental vehicle excess value when hiring a rental car.

The rental vehicle excess, also commonly referred to as the “Damage Liability Fee (DLF)” is the out of pocket expense that a rental car customer is liable to pay should an incident occur during your rental period that causes damage to the rental car.

The product offers plans for either $4,000 cover or $6,000 cover with no out of pocket expense ($0 excess). Whether you need $4,000 cover or $6,000 cover is your choice and varies by the type of car you are renting and supplier you have chosen. All suppliers will list the excess liability amount in their rental terms and conditions provided at the time of making your reservation.

The Hiccup Insurance product offers many advantages over the expensive excess reduction options that are aggressively sold at rental desk counters around the country. The supplier’s often resort to scare tactics to force you into paying hefty damage liability fees in case the worst should occur. Fortunately, Hiccup now offers a more inclusive product at a sharper price.

To learn more about the Rental Vehicle Excess Insurance product, please see our Policy Benefits page.

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